Meet Our Team

The cooking masterminds behind Renee’s proud culinary creations. We cook with a passion!

The Founder - Leslie Low

Since his youth, our Executive Chef Leslie Low was fond of–possibly even obsessed with–cooking and experimenting with various flavours. He would watch his mum cook for hours on end, fascinated by the way she could transform simple ingredients into something delicious and stunning.

Leslie dived into the F&B industry right out of school, and it was while working in his first job as a kitchen assistant in a Western restaurant that he was struck immediately by the intricate flavors and techniques that went into creating each dish, and his passion for Western cuisine has only grown from there. When he moved on to his second job as a junior chef, it quickly became apparent that he had a natural talent for cooking, and it was increasingly evident as he further developed his skills and techniques in the kitchen.

Over the past 2 decades, Leslie has worked his way up at numerous big-name Western restaurant chains in Singapore. He has gained invaluable experience in each of those positions and has honed his skills to the point where he is able to develop his own unique recipes and style of cooking.

Leslie’s inventive cuisines have earned him numerous recognitions and praises, but the man showed no signs of slowing down. He is always looking for new ways to challenge himself, and after more than a decade of perfecting his craft, it was in 2018 that he decided it was time to strike it out on his own, as it gave him complete control over what went into each dish and how they were served, allowing him to create his very own unique culinary creations of restaurant-quality which would be accessible to the masses at very affordable prices.

This led to the creation of Renee’s Western Cuisine in 2018, synonymous with Leslie’s love for his newborn daughter, Renee.

The Team

Our culinary team comprises of chefs from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and yet, they all share something in common – the right attitudes and the same undying passion for cooking.

While whipping up authentic and delectable western cuisines is important, customers will still always receive top priority from them, and they would love nothing more than for customers to feel welcomed and enjoy their delicious food served by those who truly care.

We have no qualms in each and every single one of their abilities to cook or to serve. You can always count on them to satiate your palate!

Corporate Management

Renee’s Signature is managed by One Feast Private Limited, a Singapore private company that operates with an emphasis on the customer experience and is committed to always serving authentic and delicious western cuisine at transparent prices.